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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ragnar short #3

What a weekend! Our team is currently heading back to drop off our vans right now.  There are a lot of beat-up, determined runners in this van right now; most of which are sleeping while I am updating a short blog post.

Unofficially, the team finished in the neighborhood of 28 hours. We thought we were way behind our projected time, but it ended up being real close. It is real interesting to be on a team for once when running a race. Many think running can be is strictly an individual place; running a Ragnar is not one of those times. Each runner needs each of his teammates to get through the legs.  There comes a time when those legs do not want to work and the words of twitter friends and your teammates keep you going. It has been a really fun experience.

I did not really know what to expect when going into this thing except a lot of running in a short time period.  A lot of my friends tolde a lot of fun things and it really lived up to expectations. My. Friend friend Brittany is the only person I really knew going into this., but I feel like I made new group of running friends.  Running this race made love the experience of running even more. It is hard to put into words, but I have an example.

During the first leg, which is one of the hardest things I have done in a long time, a lady nearly caught up to me. Kills(passing a runner) are really popular during relay races and  sometime during the last  three miles of my leg, I nearly got passed. I really tried not to let this runner change the way I raced this leg, but it definitely motivated me during a tough stretch. At one point we both stopped for water, wished each other good luck, and then continued running. She never caught me(whoo!), but we found each other after our leg and thanked each othe for motivating each other. I never saw her again and I will probably never meet her, but I probably will not forget that moment because of how cool it felt.

I will leave it at this for now. Once I am not tired and busy from the weekend, I will upload a recap or two and some pictures.  Thank you to everyone who cheered me on from afar. I guess I can say I am a ragnarian now.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Leg 10 playlist for Ragnar Cape Cod

Leg 10 is probably the hilliest run I have ever run in life. These songs and GU Peanut Butter got me through it.

Ragnar leg 1 music in reverse order:

Foster the People-Houdini

Luke Bryan-rain is a good thing

Jack's Mannequin-people running

Cold War Kids-Saint John

The Mowgli's-San Francisco

Fall Out Boy-young volcanoes

Dr. Dre-bitches ain't shit

Timbalad-give it to me remix

Foster the people-pumped up kicks

Little Big Town-pontoon

Walk the Moon-drunk in the woods

Vampire Weekend-giving up the gun

Jack's Mannequin-Dark Blue

Walk the Moon-Anna Sun

Good Charlotte-like it's her birthday

The Mowgli's-hi, hey there, hello

B.o.B-I am the man

Punchline-I am the man

Tony! Toni! Tonè-feels good

Sleigh Bells-Rill Rill

Fitz & the Tantrums- 6 am

soulDecision-Ooh it's kind of crazy

Fall Out Boy-The Phoenix

A couple of Houndmourh songs I forgot about

Ragnar shorts

*Pictures will come once I am back to my computer

I am up early for my race, so I figured I would update  my blog with a short post from my phone.

Part of the  Chi Squad team got up bright and early and headed to Midway for an early trip to Boston. It had been over 10 years since I last visited Boston. The flight went pretty smoothly, and we finally arrived in Boston for our highly anticipated trip to Boston for Ragnar Cape Cod.  One of my teammates brothers picked us up and we headed into the city to find down breakfast.

We found a good little place to eat (Trident Booksellers & Cafe) and then walked around the area for a bit. I definitely enjoyed finding the Boston Marathon finish line on Boylston. Hopefully someday that is a finish line that I will be crossing someday. The morning continued with a little more sightseeing as we headed towards the Bunker Hill Memorial. We climbed 294 steps to get to the top and see a great view of Boston from the top.  My legs were sore and I felt like I did some hill training for my long run today. Harpoon Brewery would be the next stop on our mini your of Boston.

Part of the team hung out at Harpoon for a while and the rat of our team eventually met up with is. I had only met a couple of them, so I enjoyed meeting the majority of them. Eventually, the team left Harpoon and headed into Plymouth.  The Ragnar finally felt like it would really  be happening.

Thankfully some of the team members have done this before and have been a big help  to is. We decorated the vans with a Chicago themed  decor.  Once that got finished, part of the team headed  to dinner. We went to a Hibachi place and the chef put on a fun show. We headed back to our rooms and van 2 wished good luck to van 1; they had to be up early to get started!
I'll try to get up another post before or after my run!