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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Asics GEL DS-Trainer 19 review

Recently I got a pair of the Asics GEL DS-Trainers 19  from  Asics. Here is my review of them after getting a few runs in them.


It is definitely more narrow than the 18's. I originally tried on the 19 in an 11.5 and the shoe absolutely did not fit my foot (I have kind of a rectangular foot with a wide flat arch). My arches spilled over and my pinky toes wanted to escape the shoe. I moved up a half size to a 12 and the shoes fit a lot better. The length of the shoe in the size 12 is great. I have enough room in the toe box and it does not feel to big on me. The cushioning on the shoe is nice and soft. It has a great first feel and easy to break in. People who like heel support will enjoy how that feels in the shoe.

I ran in it with two different socks (Nike Elite Cushioned socks and Icebreaker ski socks) and it affected how the shoes fit a little. The first couple of times I ran in them, I ran with the Nike socks. The shoes felt a little tight to walk around in, but I did not notice that when I ran. With the Icebreaker socks, which are thinner, the shoes felt looser and lighter, but still comfortable. The seamless soft upper is also something that is nice. It feels like there is a soft pad right above my toes.

The stability feels great. I can tell it is there without making the shoe feel too heavy. The new Dynamic DuoMax system works really well with the shoe.The shoes felt great while running. They are so lightweight that I hardly even notice them when I ran in them. It is definitely a shoe I can consistently enjoy. They say comfort equals better performance and I have gotten in some of my best runs of the winter in while running them.

I think one of the key selling points will be its weight. Those looking for mild stability at a lighter weight will enjoy the shoe (Ravenna 4 and New Balance 860v4 weigh 10.8 oz; Saucony guide 10oz). The narrowness of the shoe will be one of its best selling points, but it will also frustrate others. I definitely understand why they went in the narrower direction.


I love the way the shoe feels on my feet. It made me a little nervous that I tried on an 11.5 and it did not fit. Thankfully I could try on the size 12 and they fit great.

Does anybody else run in this shoe? What do you think of it?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#runchat 2/23 and a rough running week

I had a rough running week last week. I got one run in my new Asics Gel DS-Trainer 19 (review coming soon) and I had to shut it down. The temperature changes in Chicago really messed with my sinuses and knocked me on my butt. It is pretty ironic for someone that has been running all winter and I have to miss out on two of the nicest days of the year. It really sucked, but I had to listen to my body and let myself heal. I finally felt good enough to run yesterday and got a great run in!

My run today is one of the more adventurous runs I have been on this winter;ice everywhere! I am just thankful that I did not fall on my butt.

Runchat answers

P.S.- I currently run in the Brooks Ravenna 4, Saucony Guide 7, New Balance 860v4 and now the Asics Gel DS-Trainer 19.

Q1-Where do you do your shopping for running gear? Locally?Online? Chain stores? A mix?

A1-I mostly get my gear in person at a running store. Getting my gear online is something that I have never felt comfortable with because I can not try it on. It would be much easier to go into a store and try it on, rather than ordering it and realizing it does not fit.

Q2-What running gear have you purchased that you later discovered you didn't need?

A2-Honestly, I am pretty particular about what I buy. That means, if I buy it, I am going to use it. Money is not something that I can be free with.

Q3-What are 2-3 pieces of running gear you really would like to have? What do you need to replace soon?

I would not mind owning some compression gear (tights or socks) and some more running shorts. Running shorts use to scare me because of how short they were. Until someone suggested I really purchase running shorts, I never realized how comfortable they are.

With winter ending soon, I will need to replace my tights, my Ravenna 4's and shorts. The tights and the shorts both have holes in the crotch area; really annoying.

Q4-When packing for a race trip, what are the first items you put in your suitcase?

My shoes-Obvious answer for most important item.

Next up on the list is my Garmin now that I own one.

Whatever running clothes I plan on using. I try to bring something that dries quickly so I can use it more than once. Packing heavy is not something that I enjoy.

Q5-I never go for a run without my __________

My Garmin. I love using it!

Monday, February 17, 2014

#Runchat 2/16/14

Q1: What aspects of recovery confuse you? Ice baths? Food? How long to rest?

I could always learn a little more about how food can help recovery and running. I am not one to change my diet during training for a race but I know that it can be beneficial. It is definitely something that I need to look into more.

Q2: What's the first thing you do to begin recovering after a long run or race?

Before I discovered the addaday type c roller, I just ate the food given to me after a race and stretched. Now after long runs, I use my type c roller. It is my favorite recovery tool and it keeps my legs feeling great. It comes highly recommended it.

Q3: How much strength training, stretching or massage do you do?

Right now, I can not do much strength training because I am participating in research study on hip strengthening. I am in the control group and got orders to not to any hip strengthening workouts for eight weeks! It is killing me right now. Typically, I like to cross train three to four times a week. I usually just do legs and abs. Upper body workouts will also be added into the mix shortly.

I use my addaday roller every single day. I like to roll out before a run and before I got to bed. It is a tool that comes highly recommended. Personally, I like it better than the stick or a foam roller because I feel like I get more out of it.

Q4: How long do you take between training cycles before you jump back into training?

This is a question that I definitely could use more knowledge on. Typically, it usually is a week for me. How much time should I take off? Should I be doing recovery runs? I guess I could have put this as my answer for question one.

Q5: What are your favorite recovery foods/drinks? Share your secret ingredients!

I just drink chocolate milk or have something with peanut butter in it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#runchat 2/2

Q1-@RockMyRun is creating a new #RunChat mix. What's your favorite workout song right now?

Workout songs that I am loving right now are Take Back the Night by Justin Timberlake and Coming of Age by Foster the People. Foster the People is one of my favorite groups and I can not wait for their new cd to come out. I loving having songs I can sing along to on a run. 
From time to time, I definitely get caught singing out loud.

Playlist from my run on Monday:
Rick Ross-stay schemin
Fun.-be calm
Fun.-all the pretty girls
Daft punk-get lucky
Matt & Kim-Yea Yeah
The Mowgli's- the great divide
Fitz and the Tantrums-L.O.V
Matt & Kim-let's go
Fitz and the Tantrums- out of my league
Kanye & Jay Z- Paris
Lucky Boys Confusion- Breaking Rules

Q2- On a scale of 1-10 (1 being awful, 10 being awesome), how was your January? Any adjustments to 2014 goals? #RunChat

I would rate it an eight. I ran a total 121.52 and felt strong. There were some minor shin splints issues, but they did not prevent me from running. Some co-workers and I also completed Active's 30-day push-up challenge. It felt good to do upper body work consistently. It is something that I hope I stick with on a consistent basis.No new adjustments, yet. I wanted to run a total of a 1,000 miles and it looks like I am track to do that right now.

Q3-Switching gears, if you could pick just one race distance to do for every event, what would it be? Why?It would definitely be half-marathons. It is not an easy distance, but I think it is definitely a race I could master. I have had fun running marathons, but I do not know if it is a distance that can really be mastered.

Q4-If you had an hour with anyone in the running world to go running with, who would you chose? What would be the No. 1 question?I just finished Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, so my answer is Louis Zamperini. I would ask him How did he get through what he did? It would have been so easy for him to just throw in the towel and just give up on life. His story is an example of toughness and perseverance. It would be great to run with an Olympian and WWII vet. It is a book that I highly suggest to all who like to read. He is currently 97!

Q5- The best thing about running is ________

That it is so relaxing. It always calms me down and I feel so much better after doing it. I have also met a lot of god people through running.