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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hoka Conquest Notes

Hoka notes

Specs from

Natural Performance Cushion Shoe
4mm offset
Weights-11.8 oz.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a pair of Hoka Conquest to test out. Here are some of my thoughts after runs in them:

Day 1

Did a 1.47 run in them and they felt good.

After the run, I did 3x3x3x400

Now if I had expected to do a speed workout, I am not sure that these would have been the shoes that I picked it. I am glad I did because I really got to test them. They held up better than I thought they would. I had a little shin pain, but that didn't last very long. It probably would have gone better if I had pulled the no-tie laces a little tighter.

Day 2

Did a solid 45 minute run and felt really good. I only had minor shin pain after the run. The shoes never really felt too heavy. It is hard to believe that they weight as much as the Hoka website says they do.

Day 3

3.2 mile run with the track kids and it felt nice and soft. We ended the run with 6x100 striders. My legs definitely started to feel real sore. Originally, I could not figure why. Eventually, I figured out that it is probably because of the 4mm drop in the shoe and my legs are just getting use to that. My legs have not been that tired in a while.

Day 4

1.15 warm up jog before a tough speed workout. This is a workout that I did not know if I would get through due to tired legs and tight calves. With the help of an extended warm-up, I made it through the workout just fine. I tightened the laces and the shoes felt better. I never felt like they were holding me back. The workout went very well and I felt like the shoes were working with me.

Day 6
* I forgot to note how I felt after my fifth run in them.

Today I completed an easy three mile run and they felt really good. The shoes seem to be getting lighter, while the fit of the shoe is improving. The extra cushioning is nice and can make a runner forget about the heel-to-toe offset. Working through tight calves and sore leg days were tough, but I have gotten use to the lower drop and do not notice it anymore. No-Tie laces are something that is still new to me, but it is fun not having to deal with tying my shoes at any point doing a run. Do not be afraid to try on the shoe. It is very comfortable and works well for a variety of running styles.

Monday, April 21, 2014

It's been a while/runchat 4/20

It has been far too long since this blog has been updated. A lot of that is due to the fact that I have been busy and just generally tired lately. I really need to be better about updating this blog for myself and the others that read it. Here are my runchat answers from last night (another fun thing that I have not done in a while).

Runchat 4/20

Q1-How will you watch the Boston Marathon?

A1-As I type this, the marathon is on my television and I am following updates on twitter. It is pretty funny that I am watching a marathon; a few years ago, this would have never shown up on my television at all. This is much I have come to love talking about running in any form.

Q2-Who or what is your biggest inspiration to keep running?

A2-Staying healthy and fit is my biggest inspiration. I definitely always think about where I would be if I were not running. I definitely have my ups and downs, but I feel like I am a happier now compared to when I started running.  Helping others out who ask me for help and want to get better at running is also inspiring. It is hard to believe that people are asking me for help at all with running. I definitely want to do my best to help anyone who wants help. 

Q3: What's a big lesson you've learned through running that you've applied to other aspects of life

A3-You can do just about anything if you push yourself. I have two marathons and the biggest challenge is finding that mental edge to keep yourself going. Marathons are painful, but if you just tell yourself that you can get through it, you truly believe that anything can be done with hard work. I think people start believing in themselves more after completing things (5K's, half-marathons, marathons, etc...) they never thought could be possible. 

Q4: If a non-running friend came to you for running advice today, what would be the first words out of your mouth?

A4-Get fitted for proper shoes and do not give up if you struggle. 

Q5: Which races have the best spectators? Why?

A5-Out of all the races I have done, marathons have the best spectators. I have the Chicago Marathon twice and the crowds have been amazing both times. The people make all the runners feel like celebrities. It feels great to get cheered on by a lot of people you will probably never meet. 

Q6: Finish this: I run for ______.

A6-Food, confidence and my health. 

Brooks Pure Project Shorts review

Front of shorts
The Shorts are semi-fitted, soft and very light weight. It fits very well around the waist without slipping.The liner is snug around the hip flexor area and takes some getting use to;it eventually goes unnoticed.The four-watch stretch material is nice for me because my pants, tights and jeans have all split in the crotch area. I feel like the stretch material will allow the shorts to not do that or as early.

Back of shorts

I think it functions as advertised. I really like the antracite color because I think it looks good on me. The DNA fabric liner is nice because while I have run it, I do not notice it at all. Originally when this post got written, it had been cold and I did not know if it could serve as a lifestyle piece; that of course has changed. I have worn it to work and when I am out and about. It definitely is something I would wear on a spring or summer night out with friends or even if I ventured to te beach. The pockets are also surprisingly deep.

The DNA fabric liner and two-way use as a lifestyle/running piece will be one of the shorts selling points. Some people might be worried about the fact that it is gray(anthracite if we are getting specific) and that others will see how much they sweat in it after a workout. I have worn it several times and that will be minimal at best.
The liner
The Pure Project shorts are comparable to 2-in-1 shorts. I personally like that the liner fits around the hip flexor and not wrapped around the quad. With the 2-in-1 shorts, you probably could wear underwear under it, but I would not do that with the Pure Project Shorts.