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Saturday, March 1, 2014

currexSole runPro sole review

Recently at work, we met with a rep from currexSole to learn about the run specific insole, RunPro. Once we learned about the product, we got a pair to keep and test out. My review follows below.

The first thing that people should know about the insert is that it is a run specific insert. That means it is meant to be used while running. This does not mean that you could not use it while walking around, but the benefits will really come while running.

It is also not really going to correct any injuries. It is something that will help prevent injuries. Our store buyer said there have been recent correlations that comfort equals better performances.

The insert is also a zero drop insert. That means it will not change the heel-to-toe ratio of the shoe that it is worn in. It is definitely an improvement over the standard running insole because it helps customize the shoe to your foot.

It definitely functions as advertised. I love that the insole does not alter the shoe and feels really comfortable. I immediately took it out for a five mile run after I got it and did not even notice it. Running is difficult enough so I do not want to have to think about an insole if I use one.

The picture above shows the what the bottom the insole looks like. The blue pad is a heel padding, while the orange pad is the pad under the forefoot. The silver pad is the arch cradle. The cradle takes energy it stores and returns it to ou when your foot hits the ground and pushes off. The currexSole rep told us that the insert is designed to get more comfortable the more you use it.  I am looking forward to that because I already love it. It will be used throughout my four running shoes.

The price of the insert is $50. I truly believe that anyone skeptical of the insert will love them after giving it a try.

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